The Impact of Research

Hello, fellow scientists – this is Shanza Sami, from Iowa City, Iowa, and this is my fourth blog post on the process of research, organization, and the scientific process.

The hardest part of gathering information when it comes to research is finding a good starting point. This means that it is important to establish a solid and thorough understanding of your issue in order to produce a potential solution. From there, using reliable resources to gather information and create an innovation to combat certain issues is the next priority. Without research, it isn’t possible to create a well-rounded, scientifically sound solution to a problem. Executing your research properly is critical in the development of a good solution.

The research process can be long – comprised of developing a solid understanding of the underlying issue, looking into current solutions on the market, brainstorming ideas, and creating a scientifically accurate innovation. Ultimately, your motivation and drive for solving an issue will have to prevail throughout this process. Research and gathering information plays a vital role in developing a solution. One of the fundamental steps of the scientific process is research – the skill of gathering information prior to developing a hypothesis, testing steps, and developing a solution. It is important to gather information beforehand to develop a background and have the right information to proceed with your innovation.

Organization is also incredibly important throughout the research process. During my research, I created a folder in Google Drive with all of my files and documents – I also kept a small notebook with me, in case I came up with different ideas during school to implement in my prototype. Organization is key to being successful with your innovation. With my innovation, Pura Aerem, the research process took quite some time. With 5 stages to my innovation, I had to test each stage with the scientific process individually and gather a vast amount of information.

Thank you for listening/reading my blog. Signing off from Iowa City, Iowa.

~ Shanza