Importance of Research

Hello and welcome back, scientists!

My name is John Lee and in this blog post, I’ll be discussing about research. Let’s get started!

A critical part of the process prior to solving a problem is research. Research can help you build your background knowledge and mind map ideas regarding an issue. During research, however, some obstacles might prevent you from solidifying your project, such as limited sources. For instance, in the early stages of my project, I had a difficult time researching an MoS2 electrode because it was newly developed. My mentor, Anne Gold, has helped me with research by sharing background information and connecting those to my project to brainstorm potential future solutions. Although it may be possible to solve a problem without any research, it can be found extremely challenging to do so. Without research, you wouldn’t have the necessary background information which can help you solve the problem. Through research, you can better understand the different segments of the issue and brainstorm potential solutions to it. It’s suggested that you have enough information so that you are able to comprehend the different aspects of a problem and think of some possible solutions before starting your process to solve the problem.

In addition to research, I think it’s important for scientists to be organized because it can help them solve problems more efficiently. When scientists are organized, they can arrange data and analyze them easily. Also, when analyzing experiments, scientists can find data from previous experiments effortlessly and refer to them when needed. Finally, when coming up with a solution to your selected problem, research and the gathering of information can play a vital role. They can provide you with various sources to cite and investigate what methods can be used to prevent a problem.

Thank you for taking your time, and see you in the next blog!

~ John