Research is Key!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog post! This week I’m writing about the importance of research and how to overcome a problem that may occur during it!

Gathering information isn’t easy! Not only does it take a lot of time, but it is also a crucial part of your project. While researching a topic, several problems may arise that make it difficult to proceed with your project.

The main problem for me was being unable to locate information that I needed. For example, while researching for my project, I ran into “dead ends” where I wasn’t able to get enough information to take the next step in solving my problem. The biggest help with this is my mentor, Ross, who has a ton of knowledge and contacts within 3M of people who can help guide me along the way. Another helpful solution is to email the professors or students that wrote a research article and ask them to explain a part of their article in more detail. They are usually more than willing to help someone also working hard with their own research!

It would be possible to solve a problem without some research, but this would be very improbable. Having enough knowledge at that moment to provide a novel solution to a problem would be very difficult, but not impossible. There is no limit to our imagination! The research that we do paves the way to making our projects even better and discovering even more!

See you next time,

~ Leanne