Choosing the problem

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. My name is Anish Kosaraju, and today, I will share some information about how I chose a problem I wanted to work on.

There are plenty of problems around us that we could be working on. However, choosing a problem wasn't difficult for me as it directly impacted my family.

My parents' financial accounts were hacked, which prompted me to learn more about account takeovers. After I conducted research, I realized that account takeovers are a significant issue and cause billions of dollars in losses for victims while also causing psychological stress.

One thing that inspires and motivates me and many other scientists to solve problems is that, when we work on a challenging problem that affects many people, we know that our work can have a long-lasting impact on others, both now and in the future.

You may be wondering about how to choose a problem to work on. Look around in your community - What are some problems that affect you or someone you know? Research what may cause these problems and possible current solutions. You can evaluate academic papers about the subject, industry best practices, and existing products or services. After you have meticulously researched the existing solutions, consider some limitations they may have and consider what enhancements you can make. You can also think of innovative solutions instead of building upon existing ones.

Thanks for reading my blog and following me on my YSC journey. I hope to see you again on my next blog!