The Importance of Research

Hey! This is my 3rd blog post, I hope you enjoy it! 

So far, my summer mentorship has been nothing less than AMAZING. All the finalists are really nice, and my mentor, Stephanie, is the BEST. She’s great at giving good feedback, and something new I found out earlier was that she works on connectors for PCBs! Isn’t that so awesome?

I love researching, because I always learn a lot of new information that can be used to improve my product. One of the most challenging parts of getting information for me is making sure the source is reliable. A lot of sources can be misleading and have false information, so it’s crucial to know whether the source is credible (use the CRAAP test!).

Information is extremely important while creating something. In my case, learning about seizures taught me a lot. I learned a lot about what can happen during a seizure that would make it life-threatening, which helped me develop my project by adding new features (coming soon!). 

Researching and gathering information played a BIG role in my innovation. I spent lots of time on google and youtube learning about seizures, specifically tonic-clonic and myoclonic seizures. Researching and gathering information helped me find a common symptom between those two types of seizures, leading to the invention of the Spring Epilepsy Detection Glove. 

Being organized has also helped a TON throughout developing the Spring Epilepsy Detection Glove. Making a to-do list and goals list has really helped me become more productive. It helped me keep myself on track and allowed me to finish my work early. 

Overall, I learned a lot about epilepsy, which allows me to make new features in my innovation. Research and gathering information are key to creating a good invention. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!