My Awesome Mentorship Expererience

One of my favorite and most special parts of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge is their mentorship program. Each finalist receives a 3M scientist as their mentor to help them during the challenge.

I have been meeting my mentor, Ian Cummings, for about a month so far and I have learned tons and have had a great experience. The most challenging part of the project so far was prioritizing my ideas. My mentor has helped me immensely in breaking down a larger issue into smaller problems that are much easier to tackle and work out one by one.

The best part of the challenge so far was definitely discussing with my mentor and coming up with tons of new ideas to work with and test. So far with these new ideas, I have made massive changes and improvements to my design. I won't go into huge detail in this blog, but I upgraded the audio cue information, touched up the depth data receiving, and overall downsized the design.

All in all, I am extremely excited and happy about the rate of the progress I am making with my mentor, the improvement of my design, and the future and potential for my innovation.