The Start of My Summer Mentorship!

Hello! Welcome to my third blog!

The beginning of my summer mentorship has been going smoothly. Working with my 3M mentor has been great.

Access to a 3M scientist has been very helpful since it has helped me learn more about the competition from their past experiences. My mentor has guided me to make sure that my project is the best it can be going into the final competition this Fall.

I feel great about my accomplishments thus far because I have completed all tasks on time and my initial project idea is growing and taking shape. I have a solid plan on what I am going to add to my project.  My experiments have started out well, and I can’t wait to complete them and see the positive outcome. This is exactly the direction in which I wanted to take my initial idea.

My favorite part of the challenge so far would have to be the planning and setup of my experiments. Doing more background research in my chosen area has also been very interesting. I have learnt so much more than when I started.

One of the biggest challenges in my project is going to be building the computer model. This is because it is something I am very new to, so it is going to take a lot of work. 

Thanks for reading, see you next week!