Where can I buy a 'World's Best Mentor' mug?

Hey y’all! Hope you’re enjoying your summer. I sure am! My summer mentorship has been so fun and I’ve met some awesome people. 

My mentor, Stephanie, has helped me SO much. She’s the best mentor I could ask for. She teaches me a lot about the design process, and I have a lot of fun going through the scientists notebook with her every time we meet. 

I’ve done so much since the start of the summer mentorship! I learned a lot about bringing an idea into life by making my own PCB boards. I’ve learned so much new stuff!

One of the most challenging things that I’m currently experiencing right now is learning app design. I’ve barely dabbled in app stuff in the past, and it’s a challenge to learn enough about app design in a short amount of time to be able to create an app for the Spring Epilepsy Detection Glove

The summer mentorship has been awesome so far and I’ve learned so much! I’ve had a lot of fun meeting other finalists and learning about their projects! Everyone seems to be doing something really cool.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah <3